About us

Embark for the greatest panoramic journey with the Kolor Team
Kolor was launched in 2004
Founded in 2004 by Alexandre Jenny and Lionel Laissus, Kolor was the first company to perceive the potential of SIFT technology in the identification of interest points in an image, and created what would become the reference software in image stitching: Autopano. A few years later, Kolor is now the world reference in panoramic imagery solutions, including panorama software, virtual tour software and video-stitching software.
In 2015, Kolor joined GoPro to create the future of immersive media.
Kolor’s range of B2C & B2B solutions
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Our values

Human Hub

Central point where gather all forms of communications and in which Kolor decided to put the Human first.


It is our openness, among other things, that guided us and made us progress: a window on the world and technologies while maintaining a vision and a way of doing that is our own.


Since 2004 passion drives us. We shared it with our friends of our debut as we share it with today’s customers.


From enthusiast to casual users, anyone can take part in our growth, in the development of our products or in the improvement of our services.

Meet the founders
Alexandre Jenny
Alexandre Jenny
Kolor Founder
Senior Director Immersive Media Solutions at GoPro
Mining engineer, DEA graduate in Material Physics, with 5 years of expertise in the development of video games and member of the Georges Mélies Photo Club, Alexandre Jenny is passionate about photography. It is this passion that led him to develop the Autopano software.
Lionel Laissus
Lionel Laissus
Kolor co-founder
Senior Project Manager at GoPro
INPG engineer, Lionel Laissus has 10 years of experience in video game development, including 3 years in the United States.